Ducks, geese and Sandhill cranes!

Waterfowl Hunting is great!

Waterfowl hunts are great in the Texas Panhandle We offer fully guided duck, goose and Sandhill crane hunting on the rolling plains of the Texas Panhandle. Several counties in the Panhandle provide enough birds to be affectionately referred to as the land of waterfowler’s dreams (it’s estimated that there are some 700,000 wintering geese and 500,000 wintering sandhill cranes-RIB-EYE IN THE SKY – BELIEVE IT)! Join us for incredible waterfowl hunts! Scroll down for slideshow! WATERFOWL HUNTS are generally scheduled in JANUARY of each year following the federally mandated waterfowl seasons. PRICES for the hunts are listed toward the bottom of the page.

Recognized as one of the first stopping points forWaterfowl Hunts all migrating waterfowl, these birds are ready to rest and roost when they arrive. Texas hunting offers thousands of acres of peanut fields, maize, wheat, and CRP keep the ducks and geese well fed; playa lakes spring up as rain occurs as a watering source. Our duck hunting terrain can vary from county to county, year to year based on rainfall. Each year we see thousands of lesser and greater Canadian geese, greenheads, pintails and Sandhill crane that call this county home during the months of November through February. Celebrating our 22nd year guiding waterfowl hunts in the Texas Panhandle! Want to join us on one of our great waterfowl hunts? Enjoy the slideshow from over the years with a few of our guests.

The number of waterfowl we hunted was incredible. New to hunting waterfowl on playa lakes but it was a blast, can’t wait to re-book a Sandhill crane hunt for next season!     —by Happy Happy Hunter

What’s included:

Duck/Chukar Combo Hunt ($1,200 per hunter, minimum 4 hunters to book a reservation)
Duck/Goose* Combo Hunt ($1,200 per hunter, minimum 4 hunters to book a reservation)
Sandhill Crane Hunt** ($1,250 per hunter, minimum 4 hunters to book a reservation)

  • 2 night’s lodging/2 full days of hunting on waterfowl hunts – Chukar hunt is similar to an English driven hunt.
  • All meals from evening of arrival thru lunch on day of departure
  • Guided with dog(s)
  • We will breast your game bird(s) and try and get them frozen prior to departure
  • Must have valid Texas Hunting License upon arrival (non-resident YOUTH license is just $7!) Link to online license ordering is on the PRICE LIST page of website
  • Must provide personal gear and transportation to AAO; once at AAO transportation will be provided during your hunt
  • Does not include any gratuity hunter wishes to leave for the staff
  • Nearest airport, AMA (Amarillo, TX) served by Southwest, American and others

THERE ARE NO TROPHY FEES OR ADDITIONAL CHARGES on waterfowl hunts. There are no surprises here. References furnished upon request

*Goose hunts are offered when geese are available in our area, if not available guests will duck hunt for 2 days.
** Sandhill crane hunts are EXTREMELY LIMITED each year and may involve travel to another area where the birds have migrated too. Hunter will provide his own transportation if hunt is farther than 50 miles from the hunting lodge.

The details…

  • On all hunts everyone is expected to help put out and pick up the decoys. If everyone pitches in it can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less. If you can not or do not want to help with the decoys there will be an additional $50 charge per hunter.
  • Minimums are required to reserve a date. If do not have enough hunters to meet the minimum call us and we can more than likely match you up with other small groups to make a hunt. If we mix groups together there will be no more than six hunters in the spread. Hunting dates are reserved on a first come first serve basis with a 50% deposit required at the time you make the reservation to hold your date. Call or email us for details.
  • Deposits are non-refundable. Please be sure of the number in your party and the date before you send in your deposit as there are no refunds. Also the deposit you send is for the number you specify. For example if you send a deposit for six hunters and only four show up, the other two hunter’s deposit is forfeited and can not be applied to the remaining balance on the four hunters.

We’re always asked about TIPPING:

Tips are not required, though they are customary as with any service you are provided and very much appreciated. The amount that you tip your guide/lodge staff usually depends on your level of satisfaction with them and the trip. A 10% to 20% tip of the hunting package is customary. When planning to tip your guide/lodge staff, please be prepared to give cash. If you are not planning on leaving a customary tip please talk to Ken or Roseann and let them know why.


About our area – things of interest

  • Clarendon Weather – a resource to check out our crazy Texas Panhandle Weather
  • Kenetrek Boots – a favorite with our hunters and staff
  • King’s Camo – patterns and fabrics that WORK in our brushy country