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BEFORE YOU CLICK THE BUY NOW BUTTON: Make sure you know the cost of your hunting package before you click. If making a 50% deposit, enter that amount when you hit the button. IF YOU ARE MAKING A PAYMENT FROM AN INVOICE – put the amount of the payment in the next window after you hit the BUY NOW button.

Hunt Texas trophy whitetail deerWhitetail (Any weapon)

Mule Deer (Any weapon)

BOW Whitetail/Mule Deer


$1,800 for youth hunter
and one adult non-hunter

$6,000; up to 3-4 persons;
5-7hunters $8,400;
8 hunters $9,400

4 person minimum
waterfowl hunts in the texas panhandleDuck/Goose

4 person minimum
sandhill cranes in the texas panhandleSandhill Crane

4 person minimum
Rio Grande Turkey

Prairie Dogs

Up to -4- shooters: $3,200
Up to -5- shooters: $3,750
Up to -6- shooters: $4,200
Addition overnight stay
Minimum 4 persons or
$300 minimum

$150/per day **

TERMS & conditions

Hunting price list terms and conditions:  All prices are subject to change. Price and hunting dates are confirmed with invoice once 50% of the hunt price is received. Payments are non-refundable but can be applied toward another hunt based on availability. Every effort will be made to accommodate you. Final balance of each hunt is due and payable -30- days prior to arrival.

We are an honest, hard working outfit, but make no guarantees related to hunt success!  We have no control over adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow,  heat and drought, floods or wildfires that Mother Nature may impose on us!  Nor do we have any control over a hunter’s physical conditioning or shooting abilities!  However, we do guarantee to do everything within our control to see that our guests have a safe, successful, and memorable experience while hunting with All American Outfitter!  We believe that hunting success is a great reward for good planning, reasonable preparation and serious efforts by all involved!  A little bit of “Lady Luck” doesn’t hurt anything either! 

We suggest each hunter recognize the importance of proper physical conditioning for his or her chosen hunt and get in the best shape possible.  Also, know your weapon.  Make sure it is properly sighted in and practice shooting from different yardages and positions.  The hunter that is prepared physically and knows his weapon well will generally have a more enjoyable and successful experience, and it could mean the difference between a once-in-a-lifetime trophy or a terrible disappointment.  As a final note, we suggest that our hunters come mentally prepared with a good sportsmanlike attitude and a sincere desire to hunt.  And remember, the success of a hunt shouldn’t be measured by the size of a trophy head alone, but rather by the total experience.


EFFECTIVE MAY 15, 2014: Once your hunt is booked with a deposit and for any reason you need to reschedule or postpone your hunt, there will be a 20% fee added to the price of the entire hunt for rescheduling (based on our ability to reschedule and on availability).

PURCHASE LICENSEpurchase hunting license

Click here to purchase your license online including your Sandhill Crane stamp.

ACCEPTING Booking for all Hunts

  • RESERVE A DATE: 50% of the hunting package price is required to reserve date with the balance due 30 days prior to your arrival at AAO. Deposits are non refundable. Cash, check or credit card (through PayPal) is acceptable payment for your hunting packages. We cheerfully accept credit cards via PayPal. There is a 3% convenience fee added to any credit card payment as shipping-handling for using a credit card. If you send a check, there are NO additional shipping-handling fees. If you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card – simply scroll down in the payment window and click on ‘I don’t have a PayPal account” and you will be directed to the credit card window.
  • ARRIVAL TIME: Hunters will arrive AFTER 3:00PM CST but by 6:30PM on the date of scheduled arrival. Departure time will be clearly stated on your hunting invoice. If you arrive PRIOR TO or need an additional overnight stay and it is not available at AAO, you will need to secure lodging at your own expense. Arrival and departure dates and time are firm at the time of booking and can only be altered at the outfitters discretion.
  • THERE IS NO AIRPORT PICK-UP AND RETURN OFFERED. Nearest airport is Amarillo, TX (AMA) and is serviced by most major airlines. Auto rental is available there – you will not need your vehicle except to arrive and return from the airport which is about 55 miles from the hunting lodge.

About our area – things of interest

  • Clarendon Weather – a resource to check out our crazy Texas Panhandle Weather
  • Kenetrek Boots – a favorite with our hunters and staff
  • King’s Camo – patterns and fabrics that WORK in our brushy country