Texas Trophy Whitetail deer hunts

texas TROPHY WHITETAIL Deer hunts in the Panhandle

We have Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts with guided hunt packages here in the Texas Panhandle. Ken Mayer leases thousands of acres of private land  for your Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts. When you choose one of his 2×1 guide-assisted hunts, you’ll be able to spot your Texas trophy whitetail deer from a tree stand, tripod, ground blind or box blind strategically placed near feTexas whitetail deer huntingeders, food plots and creek bottoms. These whitetail deer are free-ranging and only fair chase methods are allowed to hunt them.

Ken and Roseann offer guided Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts in the Texas Panhandle with meals and lodging included. Hunting is their only business and has been for more than 25 years.

What size are the deer?

Our deer typically score 120-195 with an average score being 135-150. This big 165 B&C was taken by Steve Buyers in 2013. Texas Panhandle trophy whitetail deer have quietly been changing the State’s record book as big racked bucks are continually being harvested. Donley County, home to All American Outfitter, is rumored to be the deer capital of Texas.

We are an honest, hard working outfit, but make no guarantees related to hunt success!  We have no control over adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow,  heat and drought, floods or wildfires that Mother Nature may impose on us!  Nor do we have any control over a hunter’s physical conditioning or shooting abilities!  However, we do guarantee to do everything within our control to see that our guests have a safe, successful, and memorable experience while hunting with All American Outfitter!  We believe that hunting success is a great reward for good planning, reasonable preparation and serious efforts by all involved!  A little bit of “Lady Luck” doesn’t hurt anything either!

We suggest each hunter recognize the importance of proper physical conditioning for his or her chosen hunt and get in the best shape possible.  Also, know your weapon. The hunter who is prepared and knows his weapon will generally have a more enjoyable and successful experience. And most of all, the success of a hunt shouldn’t be measured by the size of a trophy head alone, but rather by the total experience.

texas trophy whitetail hunts SUCCESS YEAR AFTER YEAR

The actual hunting was only a part of the complete experience with Ken and Roseann. They open their home to every guest and provide gourmet meals which any world renown Chef would be proud to serve. Roseann outdoes herself with each and every meal!! Ken certainly goes above and beyond when it comes to getting you a trophy. His hours of scouting certainly pay off in the end. If you are looking for a true quality hunting experience look no further than All American Outfitter…you WILL NOT be disappointed! Tom Tisano


$3,900 for Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts, PER HUNTER

USUALLY, NO MORE THAN 6-7 DEER HUNTERS IN CAMP AT ANY ONE TIME – Hunting is our ONLY business and has been for more than 24 years – check out the SCOUTING PHOTOS on our website.

Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts include:

  • Meals from evening of arrival thru lunch on day of departure
  • 3 night’s lodging/ 3 DAYS of hunting, (if hunter hasn’t harvested game on 3rd day, 4th night and 4th day of hunting is FREE and included in price, effective immediately)
  • Semi-guided – guide will be with 2 hunters, hunter must determine whether or not to harvest animal, guide will not call the shot
  • Double-occupancy in guest quarters
  • Hunt includes quartering and freezing (when possible)
  • Must present valid Texas Hunting License upon arrival (not included in above price)
  • Must provide your own personal gear and transportation to AAO; once at AAO transportation will be provided during your hunt
  • Does not include any gratuity hunter wishes to leave for the staff
  • Nearest airport, AMA (Amarillo, TX) served by Southwest, American and others
  • THERE ARE NO TROPHY FEES OR ADDITIONAL CHARGES – there are no surprises here. References furnished upon request

CALL KEN at 806.676.4610 for details!


We don’t require tips though they are customary as with any service you are provided. Tips very much appreciated. The amount that you tip your guide/lodge staff usually depends on your level of satisfaction with them and the trip. A 10% to 20% tip of the hunting package is customary. When you offer your tip to the guide/lodge staff, please give cash. If you are not planning on leaving a customary tip please talk to Ken or Roseann and let us know why.


About our area – things of interest

  • Clarendon Weather – a resource to check out our crazy Texas Panhandle Weather for your trophy whitetail deer hunts
  • Kenetrek Boots – a favorite with our hunters and staff
  • King’s Camo – patterns and fabrics that WORK in our brushy country

2018 Texas Trophy Whitetail deer Photos