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How discounted and Cancellation Hunts Work

Every year, it is guaranteed that some guys will have to cancel their hunts. Job loss, divorce, military service, and physical health are just some of the common reasons why some trips get cancelled. Often times, there might be a deposit in place that allows us to resell the same hunt at a major discount. This can mean substantial savings to the hunter who can adjust his schedule and go at the last minute.

Savings from 10 – 50% can occur on these last minute hunts, but THEY DON’T LAST LONG! Many times we sell a hunt the day we post it so make sure you check back often and take a look at this page each time you visit.

If you are the type of hunter who has a flexible schedule, don’t be afraid to email us with your requests. We will make a note to your file and if something comes up that meets your request, we’ll contact you right away.