outstanding hunting with over 34 species available on each safari!

Below you will find photos of the 5 animals included in your $4,500 hunting package in the Northern Cape near Douglas, South Africa. YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED segments are animals specific to the Limpopo trip and several of the Northern Cape species are available there too.

South African SAFARI

NORTHERN CAPE: Each animal has a package value which you are able to exchange for a different animal if desired. The exchange/trade out values for your package animals are: Kudu $1000, Gemsbok $700, Blesbok $250, Impala $250 & Springbok $200. Scroll down to see all the available animals, with photographs and prices, to add to your package or purchase individually. These prices are subject to change without notice.

LIMPOPO: $450 day rate for hunter plus cost of animals you kill; no package prices in Limpopo

South Africa price list for 2019