douglas, south africa

CLICK HERE to request a FREE DVD of our most recent trip-SEVERAL hunt videos included! Scroll down to see both slideshows! Ken and Roseann Mayer will be taking 3 groups beginning June 2019.


limpopo, south africa

We have room for 6-8 guests on each trip. We will be the ONLY groups in camp when we go – and we are there with you! AFFORDABLE – $4,500 FOR 5 ANIMALS, and more can be added — same lodge with same outfitter since 2009! Scroll down to see the awesome South Africa accommodations we have.

South Africa Hunts – Plains Game included in your hunt:
  • Cape Kudu
  • Gemsbok
  • Impala
  • Blesbok
  • Springbok

AFTON SAFARI LODGE: Upon arrival in Johannesburg, South Africa, we will be whisked away for a treat in South Africa accommodations at Afton Guest House! Engee and his staff will pick us up, take us to the guest house, feed us a great steak dinner, drinks and breakfast the next morning. They will return us to the airport for the short flight to Kimberley.

Here are a few links to helpful information about our South Africa hunts:

  • Afton Safari Lodge  Where we stay in Johannesburg before leaving to fly the next day to Kimberley, ZA
  • Phone and MiFi device  Our source for renting cell phones and mifi devices for a LESS EXPENSIVE alternative to US providers – we’ll give you instructions on how to purchase after you deplane in Johannesburg.