Prairie Dog HUNTS

Prairie Dog hunts are scheduled during off-peak hunting times, traditionally, late spring, early summer, late summer and early fall. Our existing leases have very large populations of prairie dogs and offer the ultimate rifleman’s challenge. This is a great way to enjoy hours of shooting while honing your shooting skills on prairie dogs. Prairie dog habitat is excellent in the Texas panhandle — book early for best dates – LIMITED AVAILABILITY – minimum $4,200 for up to 6 shooters and see our REDUCED PRICES for smaller groups. Prairie dog hunts are often sold a year in advance of hunting dates. 


What’s Included

In an effort to accommodate smaller prairie dog hunt groups, we’ve made it affordable! Includes meals from evening of arrival thru lunch on day of departure and lodging for -2- nights. Call Ken for details! 806-676-4610

  • Up to -4- shooters: $3,200
    Up to -5- shooters: $3,750
    Up to -6- shooters: $4,200
  • Prairie Dog hunts include 2 days shooting, 2 nights lodging and meals from evening of arrival thru lunch on day of departure. Celebrating 23+ years guiding hunters in the Texas Panhandle – join us for some of the best hunting in the world!
  • A typical prairie dog hunt day involves usually an 40 minutes to an hour’s drive until you’ll begin 6 hours of shooting time from our HIGH RACK or a bench rest set up in the field. One person spots and one person shoots – this gives the guns a chance to COOL down when you’re not shooting! We take a break at lunch time then back to shooting until it’s time to quit for the day and head in. Bring your favorite varmint rifle and at least 500 rounds of ammo. Come on out and try it once a we know you will be hooked. Fly into Amarillo, TX.



A hunting license is required of any person, regardless of age, who hunts any animal, bird, frog or turtle in this state (except furbearers, if the hunter possesses a trapper’s license). Non-residents under 17 years of age may purchase and hunt with the Youth Hunting License (Type 169).

Below is the typical license for a non-resident that you would choose to purchase:

Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting (Type 157): $48
Legal for any period of 5 consecutive days (valid hunting dates will be printed on the license when issued). Valid to hunt: Exotic animals, all legal game birds (except turkeys), all nongame animals, squirrel, javelina and alligator (not valid for other game animals, NOT VALID FOR DEER). Stamp endorsement requirements apply. No stamps are required for non-game animals.

Hunter Education Certification is required of anyone that was born on or after Sept. 2, 1971. Buy license online by clicking button here: ONLINE LICENSE SALES

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